So I oiled my protostar center trac bearing and put a 100% polyester string in and its so responsive it comes up with just one tug! :o

What did you oil it with? Also is your K-Pad normal or worn or did you silicone it?

  1. Wear in the bearing a lot like maybe hard core play for 2 hours?

Oil makes bearings more responsive. The more oil you use the more responsive the yo-yo will be. If you want the Protostar to be unresponsive again you can either clean the bearing or break it in.

I used amsoil metal protecter. :-[ I didnt want to wait to buy some real yoyo oil.

OK guys so problem solved. :smiley: I found that if I tighten the string it becomes unresponsive again.Thanks guys for all your help I really appreciate it. :wink: