help with pop the clutch!!!!!!

i need help with pop the clutch. and yes, i know some of you are thinking, “wow, this guy must suck eggs at yo yo, he cant even pop the clutch.” yeah, whatever, im horrible, i know. hey, im a noob. what can i say? anyway, i can get the string over my shoulder and all that, but when i hit the yoyo it either goes off to the side over my shoulder and stops spinning, or it goes up, and comes back down, still behind my arm. anybody got any tips? ???

Do you mind trying to explain better?
Oh, and don’t worry about not knowing Pop-The-Clutch, you don’t suck, we all have to start learning tricks somewhere.

dude u don’t suck i just skip it and rock the baby and know i’am on plan b ;D

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Did you try pop the clutch with your Speed Maker? It may be because your yoyo is unresponsive and will not come back up. Also, to get it straighter, just jerk the string with your forearm and do not tilt or move the humerus part of your arm.

I hope this helps!

i know, i know. but for gm user, like this: for pop the clutch, u throw a strong sleeper right? then u take your throwing hand and put it behind u and pull the string over sort of, over your shoulder. then u reach back, and tap the yoyo, right? i cant get it to come over after i tap it. can you help

M_yoyo13 said he was on Plan b. Did he mean Plan D or is plan b a different yo-yo trick?

You dont suck, Everyone starts at square one! ;D

But for the help: Ok, since you say it wont come back up I would say that your sleeper isn’t strong enough so my advice is to just work on your throw! Also, instead of tapping the yoyo just take your throwhand and grap the string like just above the yoyo, jerk it up a little and get your hand out of there fast because if its responsive itll most likely just shoot right up the string! Thats what I did when i first learned that trick a time ago!

Good luck! I hope that I helped!

plan d i was thinking of a skateboard company sorry :-[

and just a friendly tip, when you put the string over your shoulder, make sure its not too close to your neck, because it will fly up and whack you upside the head… (i had to learn the hard way… with a metal zero)

ps you dont suck!

+1. The metal rims on a Dark Magic hurt…

Anyway, it sounds like it just needs a stronger throw (and don’t be discouraged, all of us could use a better throw) and perhaps your yo is too unresponsive.

I have the same problam as dcgreen.
So you guys say, only need a better sleeper.

If the problem is that you Yo will start to return but not make it over your shoulder then yes, it sounds like a stronger throw would do it. The problem is that the Yo isn’t spinning fast enough when you do bring it back and doesn’t have enough “umph” to make it. Also make sure when you are winding the string that you do it kind of tight. A loose wrap will have negative effects on your throw!

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

metal zero OMG did u have a bruise

I dont even touch the yo-yo or the string when i do it (besides the part attached to my finger, obviously). First I throw a strong sleeper and rotate the yo-yo around behind my arm just like in the video in the Learn section. Now for the part that I do slightly differently. I hold my hand facing down with my palm parallel to the ground and my fingers slightly raised. Then I flick my fingers down so that they’re pointing slightly down. This should give the yo-yo a slight upward and forward pull, flipping it up over your shoulder and down past your hand. From there its simply a matter of pulling your hand back up and catching the yo-yo. good luck!

(P.S. you may have to flick your hand down harder/farther depending on the responsiveness of your yo-yo)
(P.S.S this trick is a lot easier with a looping yo-yo)

make sure that you use a responsive yoyo. if it goes out to the side that means that when you pluck the string you move your whole arm a bit. try keeping it still. Hey! dont gert discuraged! you’ll get better soon! ;D

here… see if this helps. :-\ this is Andre’ boulay, not me!!)

here, see if this helps. :wink:

No need to post the same link twice.