Help With MoneyGram

Recently, I’ve experienced an issue with MoneyGram. I have been involved in a BST sale. So I’ve sent my money order, I received the case. The person has cashed it in, but he claims that they took a $3 fee. I have always cashed them in, and never have they ever taken a fee. Please help me.

The fee is paid by the sender, not the recipient. But that’s paid when drafting the order.

I’ve never had a problem with my bank cashing or depositing a money order, cashier’s check or other form of certified funds without the bank trying to take yet another un-earned chunk.

then the person that cashed it in got ripped off. I paid the fee. I dunno what’s up.

Not your problem either. Receiver needs to take it up with their financial institution.

I’ve done a BST and paid via a Moneygram instant transfer with another well known BST’er and had absolutely NO issues AND am super pleased with the item sent.

Hm. Ok thanks Chris! :slight_smile: