Help with learning string tricks

I just started yoyoing last sunday and i’m having a problem with string tricks.
I can’t seem to throw right, can anyone help and give advice?

HELP YOURSELF!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

nahh. Just practice. It’s hard to just take my advice like this but just practice. Once you find a way to get the string dead center, Then keep doing it like that. Then soon you will develope muscle memory. Practice Practice Practice

Well can you help me out with something else?

What yoyo should I get Xconvict or Black Knight?
any advice on that?

Go with the one that looks better to you. They’ll both be great.

Well the Black Knight disciption says its good for landing on the string.

Right now I have a ProtoStar and it’s small but fits my hand perfectly since their small.

My first good yo yo was a Dark Magic. Before I got it I couldnt hit the string ever. Just a few days of working with a DM I could hit it everytime. But, that said. Its not the yo yo, its you. Just practice and you will get it

I’m practicing right now and I’m getting better at the throw and so so with the trapeze

Good. another good tip is to try to land the yoyo on the string close to your non throw hand and not towards the middle

The closer it is the easier it seems.

Is there any easy tricks I can learn off the trapeze?

You could try to do Double or Nothing. Then when you get that, I found that Matrix was pretty easy when you can consistently do Trapeze and Double or Nothing.

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I can do double or nothing but my fingers are small and its hard to land on the right string. :frowning:

This helps: make the first wrap around the base of your nonthrowhand index finger, and the 2nd wrap around the end of your finger. This will separate the strings more, making it easier to land.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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If u have a protostar then i don’t think you would need to get a black knight or an x-convict. The protostar comes with a center trac bearing so it should be easier to land it on the string than the black knight and x-convict. The only thing you can do is practice.

Why does the bearing in the yoyo make it easier to land on the string? I don’t get that.

Simple, it doesn’t… YoNoob just keep at it, I know it will be frustrating but once you land your first Matrix or Atomic Bomb you will be very appreciative that you put the time in :smiley:

And in case you don’t understand about the bearing… It is a Center Track Bearing that helps prevent friction on the string. Don’t think you need to rely on those, but it is helpful to start. Good Luck and Happy Throwing.

What i say is- You shouldn’t start with a kk or ct. It doesn’t really help you because you’re relying on the bearing to keep the string center. Thats just my op but i may be wrong…

You just worded what you said incorrectly then. I do agree with you there.

Oddly enough, I could do Double or nothing and the Wrist-mount before I could do Trapeze. Speaking of which, if you can get Double or nothing consistent, the Wrist-mount shouldn’t be to hard. Learning tricks with a Wrist-mount is another story. Still, you can walk up to anybody and do a Wrist-mount by itself and they’ll freak out :wink: