Dub or nuthin, help

Hey guys, I’m having a bit of trouble landing the throw on the outside string, I’ve found tilting my throw hand finger up, helps move the middle string back but any other tips? i’m only landing it about %25 right now, the rest is landing on 2 strings

After trying to figure out how I do it cause it’s kind of automatic now, first thing is aim for the base of your non throw hand finger first so that you have space for the double part that you are having issues on.

From there when you try landing the last part, make sure you aim for the tip of your non throw hand finger. You are moving around your non throw hand also btw, not really the yoyo if that makes sense.

Main thing tho is keep trying!

Yup. Just keep trying. At some point it’ll be as easy as trapeze and you’ll be amazed that you once upon a time couldn’t hit it.

But also the tip already provided: that first pass around the NTH forefinger should go near the base. That gives tonnes of room for the second go-around to be closer to the tip or middle of the finger.

awesome advice guys, I started aiming with my NTH finger instead of just trying to get the distance between my fingers right. so im landing it quite a lot more, and that let me practice cold fusion more once i landed into the Double, and ended up successfully completing it. pretty awesome

I found that it helped to slow the yoyo down. If you go to fast when starting out,you mostly hit two strings.

Slowing down helps me land it. Just like a trapeez it’s easier to land near the finger of your non throw hand.

Move yourself while letting the yo-yo stay on it’s plane. This helps with a lot of tricks.

Try to move a bit. Make the yoyo line up with the string in the air then bend your knees down to give to a cushioned fall. If that makes sense.

This ain’t kendama. You don’t need to bend your knees to cushion the fall of a dub or nuthin!

The “first wrap around the base, the next nearer to the tip” and “practice, practice, practice” are all the tips a guy needs for this trick.

you could alway practice houdini drop until it comes natural. Then switching from thumb to pointer shouldn’t be a problem

I stand corrected! This is a great tip and actually the one I used when learning DoN as well.

Thanks guys, I can actually do it pretty good now, enough, to actually start seriously attempting Matrix and I now can complete cold fusion. Thanks SO much for the HELP!

keep it up buddy

Matrix will come simple as pie once you get double or nothing 100%. My tip was already put out there, landing the first wraps closer to the base of your fingers really does help. The rewind is also a great trick to learn to demonstrate that, I’ve been working on that trick for two weeks now, but it sure has cleaned up my mounts a ton