Help with inverted hands mirrored Magic Drop

Hi community
I’ve been trying to get some little tricks and combos hands crossed and mirror imaged (inverted). I wanted to get Magic Drop in a crossed arm-mirrored fashion and wanted to know if someone had already invented a way to perform the rejection this way.
BTW, is there a player that exploits crossed-arm mirrored in his freestyle ? I would love to see some videos of that.
I’d like to add this to my personal style kind of play… thanks in advance.

Just landed one and a a couple more on both strings. You seem to get a GT from this tho, probably due to the relative position of the TH middle finger being reversed.
Dont have any ‘experience’ to tell atm aside from the obvious that you paobably already know better than me (a front throw, a magic drop without involving TH thumb, and a glove on NTH lol

The results should never vary if done completely cross-handed mirrored correctly, because in reality all that you’re doing is to do the trick lefty style (but your hands have their thumbs on the outer side, so it’s kinda like your pinky becomes your new thumb). If you get a GT I assume we’re not talking about the same.

I think the rejection works better mirrored if you start from a frontspin (breakaway is backspin), I’ll work a way to do it with my index and pinky in a “\m/” position resembling the L shape you do normally but mirrored.