Magic drop

Been working on magic drop for a little while now and get the idea of it. I’ve landed it a couple lucky times but still don’t seem to hit it very often. Although when I do most of the time my NTH has the strings crossed and I can’t seem to grasp why.

Can anyone maybe she’d some light on my problem? I’ve watched a lot of videos but I think I’m just missing something.

Magic drop is a rejection trick so remember that when you’re doing it. If you have a basic understanding of how rejection tricks work then this trick will be easy for you.

If you do not have a basic understanding of how rejection tricks work, then look up some easy rejection tricks. There are some good tutorials for rejection tricks out there.

Vu has a pretty good video about it that may help.

This may be a dumb question, but can you magic drop with a responsive yoyo?

Pretty sure Magic Drop was invented before unresponsive was a thing.

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Yeah, old school.

Back on topic, do you mean the strings are twisted or crossed?
If you could post a pic or a vid it would probably help.

I actually, just started trying to get this trick, and was really close the first time.
Then the next 50 time were just epic fails.

Classic Magic Drop struggles… same here

Can you suggest some names? Because the Magic Drop tutorial I watched first said “this will probably be your first string rejection trick.”

And it is pretty simple, in concept. So I figured it was the bottom of the ladder.

I’m right handed so on my left hand the string that loops around my finger is crossed. The top of it crosses down. I’ll try to see if I can get a picture up of what I’m talking about.

And this is my first time getting into magic drop, I learned on an unresponsive yoyo so I never had a chance to do anything with a responsive one.

After having taken some time off from it for a couple weeks, I had a bit of break through last night with Magic Drop. A few minor tweaks, and now the string rejects pretty consistently… which allows me to hit it more often than not.
I’m not sure I’m qualified for a full “tutorial”, but I’d be happy to share the tips that seemed to have helped me, if anyone’s interested.

I wouldn’t mind some tips.
I can’t seem to get the rejection at all.

If only the string were my jump shot, it would get rejected every time.

I’m too struggling trying to master Magic Drop. The yoyo either lands on the front string or both strings most of the time. Only a few lucky times I was able to land the yoyo on the back string. It helps when I keep my TH vertically locked as Brandon Vu suggested. But still I can’t nail down the landing. The NTH sometimes has the strings crossed too. Any tip / tutorial would help.

For me, the biggest thing is slack management. If you give it no slack, then there won’t be any rejection because the yoyo will not have room to get away from the string, but if you give too much slack, then the yoyo will carry the string with it, and you will not get the rejection. You have to experiment with how much slack/tension you have when the yoyo is coming around the back of the hand. thise only comes with practice. I’m not perfect with it yet, but I get it more often than not.,

Other than that, follow all the tips on the tutorials by people like Brandon Vu, and Mr. YoYothrower, and YYE. They say it better than I can

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You’re right. After a few trys, I see now that my problem came sometimes form having no rejection or not rejecting properly. That actually was the cause of the NTH crossed string too. Thank you. I’ll keep at it until I can nail it down.