Help with Intermediate tricks with yoyojam responsive bearing ?

Hi im a complete noob at yoyoing i brought a Dm2, after buying a yoyo for my 5 year old newphen last month and realising how much I used to have when I was a kid with my Coke Cola yoyo.

Anyway I been yoyoing for 2 weeks and I have seemed to have mastered all the basic tricks, and I have moved onto the intermediate section. I can do double or nothing and braintwister if im really quick on the responsive bearing but I can only do the other intermediate tricks on the speed bearing. Does anyone know if its possible to do the intermediate tricks like the mach 5 on the standard bearing , or is it me not getting the string dead central of the yoyo.

It would be good to get my technic right with the intermediate string tricks before i move on to the speed bearing

Im trying to learn how to bind at the moment i can only do it from brain twister mount :frowning:

It’s you and not the bearing, I can do mach 5 on a fixed axle yoyo and some of the pros can even do expert tricks on fixed axle yoyos, the bearing shouldn’t prevent you from doing tricks but your skill level will. Keep practicing, once you get the basics and binding down you can move up to to the speed bearing.

Oh and welcome back to yoyoing and welcome to YYE! ;D

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Thanks for the help its appreciated. I’ll carry on practicing Until i can do it without the thing stopping on me !! :slight_smile:

You can use any bearing to do any trick. I recommend cleaning the bearing and blowing it with compressed air and play it dry (no lube) This will make your slim bearing more efficient but you must learn a basic bind. Enjoy throwing! It’s quite the trip!!

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Thanks, I tryed cleanning the bearing it does spin for longer now I think is must have been quite lubed up.
Still working on that bind. Thanks for help !

I would recommend moving to unresponsive just to get the trick down, then going back to the responsive bearing to practice the trick. that way, you will be able to do the trick in the most efficient manner.

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