Help with Gyroscopic flop.

Well, i had trouble doing my gyroscopic flop. I would get into it and i would either do it but then get a knot. Somtimes it doesn’t go all the way, and somtimes it just spins out of control. Any advice?

                                             Thank you

Gyro flop is a tough trick. It takes alot of practice. After you get into try to guide the yoyo with your hands. If you pull them apart slowly in deferent directions it will make the yoyo rotate like you want. Just be carefull! If you pull them apart too far they will cause your yoyo to spin out of control. It just takes alot of practice untill you can get the right feel. If you ask me you have the hardest part down–getting into the trick. Good luck!

I need help with my Boingy Boing too. I bounce it then it comes out of the strings.

Boingy boing requies a lot of practice and feeling the yoyo. Keep practicing and it will become better and better

Thanks, i remember one time i did it but then i lost the feeling.

gyro flop is a tricky trick. How do you get into it? do you get into it like André teaches? if you do it like that i could make it a little harder to control when your first learning. here check out this vid.

also when your doing the flop part make sure your sting is really good and centered in the gap. that’s where the moving of your hands comes in. just a little practice an you’ll be doing up to 10 flops a one time.

As for boing e boing make sure that the stings are strait up and down. also make sure that you fingers a horizontal. all try practicing the finger action and that should help a lot. Later and remember keep it spinning.

sorry i have no idea why it put it on there twice. the vid that is.

You should throw a hard sleeper, that’s the main thing you must do before you do your own tricks.

Happy Throwing! =]

do u “boing” both hands? ur bottom hand shouldnt be moving at all. might wanna chek on that

Ha. I got the Boingy Boing down. But i can only do it 2 times. I don’t move my bottom hand either. I got the gyroscopic flop too but only 1 rotation.

RE Boingy - I have one yo-yo that I simply cannot boingy-boing. It twists and pops out after one or two boings. Meanwhile I do with my BvM and Legacy and it’s flawless. I think it’s my Speeder. Not sure on that one.

One thing to watch - make sure your hands are right over top of each other - if they’re off, then you’ll get an exaggerated twisting or the yo-yo missing the string.

Boingy Boing takes a lot of practice. The main part of it is to have a good rythm down.