Help with Ghost Regens


I’ve been working on the tutorials Ben Conde made for the past week or so and i’m currently working on his ghost trick. My only problem is i never seem to get the yoyo to pop up high enough to catch it every time so i was wondering if anyone here has any advice on consistently getting it to pop up to the same height every time.

Here is the video off youtube i’ve been using to learn it:


If your talking about catching the yoyo on the string after the regen, then here’s what helped me:

Make sure that you have the regen down, to where you’re 9/10 times, catching it in the same spot. After that, make sure your pulling up the same amount after each regen.

In other words, make every small detail consistent through practice.


The catch isn’t my problem right now… it’s getting the yoyo to pop up high enough to get the string in position to catch it thats the problem. Right now i can catch it about 40% of the time and the other 60 is spent chasing it around my basement.


I personally found the easiest way to practice the “pop” part of the trick was to just simply practice throwing a basic sleeper style throw. Immediately upon releasing the yoyo begin your pull up on the string to effectively get the “pop” to a consistent height.

After you feel comfortable getting a consistent pop I would then add in the regen element. I do notice it does take quite a bit of an upward pull on the string while the yoyo is heading down to obtain a high enough pop to then feed the string back in front of it.

Practice this and get your muscle memory down with it, and you should have no problem replicating it with the regen element added.

Side note on chasing your throw all over your basement, I practiced this trick while facing a wall since the majority of the time i would miss the yoyo during the regen and pop. At least this way the yoyo would roll into the wall instead of across my house, save yourself a bit of travel time between throws. :slight_smile:


Make sure you try hard to pop it high and are your ceilings tall enough for you.


wrist force is all i can think of…If you flick your wrist harder during the hop the fence, then whip it up harder, it should work. I am still learning some basic 4A tricks, but that seems to be a key factor, simply due to physics (I’m in AP Calculus Based Physics, so thats why I mentioned it). Hope you get it, OffStringFreak.


Thanks for the advice guys, i’ve got to the point with it now that i can land it 6 times out of 10 but at least 4 of those times the bind is a bit sloppy… here’s to more practice!