Help with front mounts please?

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Good morning fellow yo-yoers! I am having a terrible time with front mounts, I don’t understand it, my brain won’t let my hands work haha! I’ve been working on the split bottom mount, I cannot get it!! It’s driving me crazy!! I watch videos but I am left handed as well so trying to see what someone else is doing and then trying to do it with opposite hand. I am having a very difficult time. I would really appreciate everyone or anyone’s please. It is a great mount! Starts a lot of good tricks, fixes string tension which is something I have to do quite often being left-handed and all lol!! Thank you ladies and gentleman! Happy yo-yoing!


Grabbed my yoyo and stuck it on my opposite hand to try front mounts lol. It seems that the key factor is to keep the string that you are landing your yoyo on vertical to the ground and keep the yoyo swing in a single plane if that’s any help. And here is how you can mirror a video and make it looks like a lefty teaching.


Bo not feel bad. It took me almost a year to throw a front mount regularly. Just keep at it, follow the videos and you will get it.


land the yoyo on the string closest to your right, from behind

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That’s the part I’m having trouble with the most now, I’ve been working on it most of the afternoon, I think I’ve grasped the concept for the most part ha!


Go find a youtube video that demonstrates whatever you want to do properly. Then click on the options button that looks like a gear, select speed, and pick a slower setting where you can see what is happening. They go down to 0.25 speed, so im pretty sure you will be able to catch the nuances if you concentrate enough and apply it.


Good point! The slow-down controls look like this


The simplest things seem extremely difficult at FIRST!!! I’ve been working on artificially shortening my string (for front) by going into split bottom mount and using my left index finger to pull the single string towards me and do 3-4 wraps arounds around my throw index. Simple, I know, but using my left hand / index for this is very awkward because I’m just not used to it but it makes me happy to be getting better at it and not losing any straightness of my initial throw.

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Clever!! I like that!


I did not make that up, I saw it in a tutorial. I had to watch it a lot of times to get it right cuz I’m slow on these things but I just remember that last summer all I could do was forward pass and around the pass.


Just keep practicing and don’t let it get you down. It can be frustrating but will be worth it at the end. As long as you keep trying the tricks will come.

About the left handed thing, just remember everything in the video will be symmetrical instead of mirrored. Once you think about their throw hand being on the same side as your throw hand, it should feel more natural. Evan Nagao is left handed, and once I realized the yoyo will run parallel if I follow the video, it made a lot of sense.


If I could learn it, so will you!