Help with choosing yoyo!

Ok so for christmas I could get 2 yoyos. Im thinking about the 888x and tactic…But Im thinking about the boss too. I need help picking! 8)

How about “there are other brands”?

I’d say get a New Breed and a Protostar.

Yeah know but I was going to get a YYF Metal.

888x is a definate good . ( i have 1) then if it were me id get the remmanant

Well I was going to get a 888x then maybe a cheap fundametal. Anybody know which fundametal I should get, I was thinking about the tactic.

1 and 2 are different numbers.

There are TONS of metal yoyos. Lots of people will guarantee you that a YYF metal will not do you bad, so feel free to get one. The 888x is the newest version of a classic, it does not seem to be a bad idea.

Other than that YYF metal you really just have to look around. The main page here throws a lot of good metal yoyos in your face. And then you have all the brands that are not to be found at YoYoExpert. It’s really about finding something that catches your eye, and I’ll say that to the next guy posting the good ol’ list of questions. Because unless you know what you want, you don’t know what you want. Then you have to look around and see if something catches your eye. If you know what you want, then I’ll let the next guy copy and paste the list of questions.

I’m getting an 888x but if u have any money trouble get a boss bc I hear that it’s amazing