Help with boing-e-boing


I can do all the basics and most advanced trick but boing-e-boing has never worked for me. What I do is I go into a split bottom then I put my throw hand on top and throw my yoyo into the opposite string. Then my yoyo flops around and dies. Can anyone help?


That’s pretty vague. :wink:

Boing-e-boing didn’t click for me until I started “going for broke”. Some tutorials show you doing small little boings in a controlled way, suggesting you amplify once you get this small motion going.

Didn’t work for me. I did two things:

  1. Got the yoyo into position (the mach 5 position; split bottom mount and then the throwhand on top and NTH underneath) and then started doing LARGE motions with my top hand. This did NOT make the boing-e-boing work, and nor did I expect it to. But I needed to understand what the motion of the top hand was meant to do, and tiny motions wasn’t cutting it. LARGE motions made me see “oh, the yoyo sort of starts to swing!”.

  2. Started these large motions directly from going into position. If you go into position and then start, you have lost your momentum and the trick becomes harder, not easier. As you rotate your hands to put the TH on top, you should pull up sharply which causes the yoyo to start swinging forward. As it is swinging forward, your TH should already be going down to give it “slack” to complete its motion and hit the front strings. Even successfully doing this once will be the gateway you need. Then of course you pull up sharply to change the direction, and let your hand go down as it passes through the middle so that you can give it slack for hitting the back strings.

Really, just “go for it”. Forget about landing it carefully and building amplitude… do it with full motion knowing full well you will NOT land the trick, and then start refining it from there.

That’s my suggestion.


Greg is right on here. I also had trouble starting small and building to a full amplitude boing-e. Using the momentum from rotating into the mount to “throw” the yoyo into the front string gets things moving how they should. The rest is just timing the TH movements to continuously add energy to the yoyo as it changes direction.

Making sure all your string segments are perfectly lined up is important. When getting into the mount, I lay the string segments right on top of each other on my TH pointer. Then I make sure my hands are straight and everything is parallel with gravity.


I had the same problem with boing-e-boing. Listen to Greg and Mofoya it’s all about getting the motion/rhythm down and lining up the strings. If your yoyo dies the string is probably hitting the side of the yoyo instead of landing in the gap correctly.

Good Luck! :slight_smile: