Help with a trick I don't know the name of.


Hey guys, I just recently learned my eli hops and I’m trying to add some flare to them. I’ve seen a lot of people doing these little loops in between in each hop. For example:

(Note: I’m not doing my hops nearly as fast as this guy. hahaha)

I’ve even seen Andrew Boulay doing those little loop/spin things right before he binds in his tutorials too.

Anyway…I tried slowing down this video as well as several others to try and work it out on my own. I get the jist of what they’re doing: Their throwhand kind of goes in front of the yo yo to create a space where the yo yo flips in between your hands. (Kind of like the motion of a lindy loop, only the yo yo falls between your hands and lands back on a trapeze.) I know it seems simple enough, but for some reason…I just can’t get it.

When I try to do it, I usually end up doing a rolling/double bind instead, which in turn…doesn’t allow the yo yo to shoot up into the air again for another eli hop. Or, the yo yo just falls off the trapeze as I try to swing it around.

I hope I made this clear enough. Does anyone know what these loopy-thing-a-ma-bobbers are called? And can someone help me?  ???

Thanks in advanced.  ;D


The video is really bad but it looks like a somersault. Watch the tutorial on skin the gerbil. He explains how to do it and it does take a little bit of practice to get it fast.


Omg. Thank you! Yeah…I looked at a skin the gerbil tutorial by rethinkyoyo and they mentioned that the move was called an oliver twist. There’s a whole tutorial on that move alone. I haven’t learned skin the gerbil yet, so I just had no idea what the move was called. Thanks again!


pop and roll, or stop pop and roll