Do these tricks have names?

I’m curious about two tricks/elements. One I see in a lot of yo-yo videos, and the other is something I’ve been working on practicing without seeing a name/tutorial on it.

  1. I see an element in a lot of videos that looks sort of like pinwheels, except that the string is being manipulated in some way, and in usually reverses in the middle. Very fast, yo-yo spins around a short radius connected to the NTH in side mount. TH string seems to be fed into and pulled out of the trick.

  2. Starting in Double-Or-Nothing, hop the yo-yo while dropping a string, land in Flying Trapeze’s Brother, then again into trapeze. Nothing too exciting, I just starting doing to to practice my DoN and catching the yoyo on the string. But I figure it’s got to have a name.


  1. Look at the end of Skin the Gerbil. Is that what you are talking about?

  2. That’s just a small part of the trick Black Hops.

You can see tutorials for these tricks under the Learn section on this website.

I think so. Or at least the same basic idea, maybe more wraps.

I watched a tutorial on this one. That’s definitely what I’m doing, only more cool. :slight_smile: Kind of dramatically apropros, too, as watching Black’s TED Talk is part of what made me want to try this yo-yo stuff kinda seriously.