Whats the name of that one trick when the YoYo pivots around the string.

I seen it on a video for the ‘Jamboo’, the kid is pullin off some sweet tricks and at 0:42- 0:45 he does a trick that makes the YoYo Pivot around the sting in his hand. I have seen many variations of this trick and wanted to know what some of the names where. Please help :slight_smile:

Hi - the trick you saw in that video was called Gyroscopic Flop (see: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/067-expert-gyroscopic-flop.html).

Yes - Also, if you want to learn some variations on your hand, here are some videos:


Thank you very much…even though Im really a beginner, it does not seem to far fetched for me to try.

I really appreciate the responses!

well good luck :slight_smile: but its harder than it seems. It is quite hard to get the hang of, but once you can do it, its quite easy to pull off.