Types of Gyro Flops??


Im getting bored of just doing just plain old gyro flops. Does anyone have a tut for the one “Mickey” does, how he whips it around? I think its called gyro turn or something like that. If you know of any gyros that you think are cool, i would appreciate it if you sent a video, thx

(J. Lev) #2

There’s Gyroscopic Swing:

(Mark) #3

Here is an old post about the gyroscopic turn.

There’s also a gyro for chopsticks: I can’t find the tut for it sorry!!!

Then there’s the loaf style gyro that is featured on String Burn Live Episode 14.


(J. Lev) #4

Oh, there’s also Adam Brewster’s “Tether,” which is sorta like a flop:


that would make for a sick 3A trick if you learn to do it with both hands.