what are the tricks

on this vid what are the tricks at 1:50 and 2:58

Gyrolutions/Gyro Swing/Gyroscopic revolutions
Mickey’s signature “swing around horizontally awesome” trick.

tutorials anywhere?

I’ve just figured it out…

Now look at the first part of the Kamikaze tutorial. Where you go from the hudini mount and pop it… Ya gotta watch the video…

Then you have to pop the yoyo off the bottom string and back… This will leaving you in kind of a _
form… With like a V like a string over top. Now you pull like line gyro scopic flop and when the yoyo is on its side you swing with your throw hand. Now be careful… Its very hard to do… You have to swing fast but dont loose your grip… Its hard to explain…

Then after you get your fills catch the slack and finish the flop…


To do that, you do a magic drop, then underpass to the back string. Then, you will get a slack, and you whip the yoyo with it. Then, you pop the yoyo to the back of the strings without letting go of any strings, gyro flop, and swing it around.

Learn how to get the slack from the magic drop here:

Its the first few steps. Instead of whipping your thumb, whip the yoyo.


Its a sideways plastic whip. Highly recommended to learn houdini whip first. Search it on youtube.