Pro Tricks

What’s Mickey’s tricks and how do u do it.

I’m looking for the name.

It’s the sideways one. Really Hard!

you mean Horizontal Eli Hops or the one where he does the Texas Cowboy trick then does more tricks from that?

Usually he does tricks really fast, but mainly prs like him make up there own tricks, and green triangles, so you can’t really learn them.

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are you talking about the one where the yoyo spins around the string (not really sure how to describe it but andre does it forever in his operation dark magic vid)?

Kind of like gyroscopic flop but he swings it around the air.

Live the Dream! Yo-yo!

thats Gyrospcopic Swing.

How does he do it. the trapeze gyro version?

A houdini flop, then keep is midway, and just swing it around.

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What’s the houdini flop?

How do u do it?

Also, does he use a trapeze?

No Trapeze. Do a Houdini Mount, pop it in the string like in Kamikaze, pop it out, flop, but keep it midway, then swing the string around, and catch it, complete the flop, dismount, and get it back.

Have Fun Throwing!