unidenified trick

I was looking at this vid and saw a trick that I didnt recocnize it starts at 2:00 and ends at 2:04
what is it and if anyone knows a tut for it please tell me
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I need to know

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Like Mickey’s gyroscopic swing… not flop.

No, its not Mickey’s gyroscopic swing because Mickey actually swings the entire thing and then catches it again.


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It’s Mickey’s trick but it might give you some idea.

Someone tried to teach me it, and failed ;D

But you do have a houdini flop, and you pull it down, swing it from side to side, then putt your other hand down and do the same. I think to dismount it you level your hands and comeplete the flop, but I’m not sure.

lol not sure, but mickey does it in all the competitions. I think its one of his signatures!

Lol, his yoyo stopped spinning. He started to laugh.

Mickey is like that. He can just get the yoyo spinning again. However, I like that trick but its so hard to do.