Oh, Andre! Can you explain?

Now, right at 2:00 into this awesome video, you do something just insane with a gyro flop. I can’t, for the life of me, reproduce this slice of awesome.

Can you enlighten me?

oh, i think thats Mickey’s trick. Lemme show you a vid of it slowed down:

How to get into the mount:

Just use the beginning whip of the video. You can get into the mount using kamikaze as well. Then pop the yoyo out of the mount through the back, and you will be in a flop mount.
Once you get good at flopping sideways, this is the vid of the thing.

This should really help you. It requires practice though.

Yeah - that video kind of sums it up. Mickey did it a lot as his final trick in many freestyles.

I was also curios about this trick and posted two threads about it
I can get into the right mount but it wont spin while I swing it
but anyway here are the threads:

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You also have to realize that Mickey added his own touch by swinging in the air and then doing that trick.

André I know this should be in the improvements section but Have you ever though of teaching that trick or at least the Houdini Flop Mount?

Yeah, so remember Mickey does that and gyro swing. If you want to learn his version then learn it from the original. It will be more fun.

well chris I agree that it would be great for him to add some tricks to the learn section but alot of people say that those videos were made in 2007 for expertvillage.com and it would be hard for him to add more tricks to this site

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They were. There’s the expertvillage logo on it. But a better idea is we could have a Member Tuturial section. Like WE would make tuts and post them… Just an idea.

that would be awsome

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