Can someone help me learn this or name it?

Hi. I am trying to figure out if there is a tutorial for this trick. I do not know the name of it but Joe Wilson does it in this video at 1:25. Its when he twirls the yoyo around a double or nothing then goes around his body. Thank you!

Looks like he’s just doing pinwheels while in a D-o-N mount. I think doing them in such a way that the yoyo doesn’t totally tilt out is just a matter of practice. I’ve never tried this trick or anything, but I just can’t see there being a tutorial for it.

Thanks man! ill try it out just doing pinwheels and see where it gets me. Originally I was trying it in 3d like jensen’s 3d double or nothing and it wasnt working.

I might be wrong but I think it’s called Asian (or whatever never heard the pronunciation properly) hops? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah. I think it’s called Asian Pops.

The asian pops are the ones that lead into the trick he’s asking about, I think. There’s no twirling around and going around the body during the asian pops part.

This video is one of the reasons I started yoyoing it made it look so fun hah