What is this trick?

What is the kind of eli hop he does around 0:29- 0:32, it the eli hop were he does a kind of roll and hops it.

I believe that they are very fast eli hops

He is doing Eli hops that are so fast and close to his hand that it looks like the Yo-Yo is bouncing of his finger. But yeah, they are fast, short Eli hops.

thier is a name for that kind of eli hops, its like decending eli hops or something, all that comes to mind is 3d eli hops, but thats not it. i can’t think of it, i’ll get back to you if i find it.

He does a sommersault (sideways brain twister?) and then does like the others have said: fast eli hops and he drops the angle while doing so. Descending eli hops or not, I don’t know.

I don’t know what this is called, but I see a lot of pros do this. It’s a wierd Eli. Like it’s sideways…

roll the yoyo like in the matrix and go right on into an eli hop… takes a litte practice, and dont expect to ever do it as good as he does it… hes amazing.

Way to knock hm down…with enough practice anyone can be good like that

Yeah lots of pros do this
you do the matrix move and when your doing eli hops, just tilt the yoyo sideways