Eli Hops


What’s the trick in making the yoyo hop up instead of around the finger?


Uhh… when you bring your hands apart, as soon as you have enough “launch” to shoot it high in the air… put your hands closer together…



What stuart said. If you haven’t picked up on it from the videos yet, it’s all about bringing your hands together.

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Also make sure your eli hops aren’t just shooting straight up in the air. They look much nicer at a sideways angle. (Like you’re trying to hit someone)


Well… that’s how to make it look good… that’s not the way to do the trick technically though…


Cool thanks. I know it was a noobish question. There was a timing element I wasn’t quite getting. I got it now.


hey can someone help me with variation of eli hops…

like luis enrique did and other variaton


Hey, this is a vid I made to show a variation of Eli Hops, within it are some tips and tricks to changing it up.
Hope this helps