Eli Hops Trouble

I’ve been working on eli hops for quite a while (nearly a month) and I still can’t even do the basic hops.

I can’t pop the yoyo up like how most demo videos show it. My hops go straight UP, at no angle at all. When they DO go at an angle, nearly all the time I’d have to to stretch out to the left to catch the yoyo. Any tips for this?

I also need help catching the yoyo. Anyone knows how to improve landing accuracy besides just practice? Like any aiming techniques or anything?

Last, How do you shoot the hops out at angles? I’ve seen videos where the players shoot the hops out at varying angles and angles even when the yoyo shoots TOWARDS the ground.


The key for me anyway is not just firing it up and then trying to catch it - its firing it up, and then pulling it back down (pull out with your throwhand to force the yoyo back down to the string). Of course you still do have to aim it, but the pull helps it line up.

well, i learned by starting small and just trying to hit the string with a dead yoyo and then one that was still spinning and landed it in about 2-3 days! It’s a good way. My friend taught it to me like that. :smiley:

Well you’re on the right track with it going straight up, because that’s what Eli Hops is supposed to look like. The ones where it hops at an angle I believe is a different trick with a different general technique. As for practice tips, do like Brad said and actually pull the yo-yo back down onto the string by moving your throwhand out. And try to keep your motions as straight as possible. Make a consicious effort to keep both of these things and in mind while practicing, and you’ll be banging them out in no time

What these other folks say, is right on the dot. When you pull it down, rather than just letting it fall down it will line up the catch much more effectively, you also have less slacked string to deal with if, it’s all tight, instead. ;D

what works for me is using my non through hand to pop up and pull down