Trouble with landing yoyo on string with Eli Hop

Hey, I’ve been practicing for a few hours total today now. I am learning a new trick. Every time I pop the yoyo up in the air to do a Eli Hop, it’s a hit or miss with about a 35 percent chance of landing back down on the string. Yoyo is either too far the left or too short to the right, at times it lands centered and catches the string. Any tips on improving that?

you have to accually try and take aim consciously at the yoyo with your th

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The yoyo is moving quite fast. It’s hard to aim for it.

The trick is keeping the string tight and landing with your NTH very close to the yoyo. Try pushing on the string to pull the yoyo down.

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Aiming? Nah. I can land Eli Hops consistently without looking at all. I’m sure there’s a teeny bit of hand-eye (I would get scared trying to land them blindfolded!!) but it’s mostly about accelerating the yoyo directly toward the string.

How do you do that? What lukas412 said. Pull your hands apart to create tension on the segments, which will make them “want” to align. Once you have the confidence in your muscle memory so that you won’t get nasty string burn, pull apart with enough speed and confidence and it’ll actually be hard to MISS.

But in the early days, you’re best to err on the side of caution… that string burn can be narsty!

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Thanks a bunch guys! Will test out my new learned techniques from you guys tomorrow morning.

I do blind folded combos all the time and Eli hops is one of the easier ones. XD suicides suck mad blind folded.

I mean when you learn to make a connection between the movement of NTH and the corresponding result position of the yoyo you have to look at the yoyo and adjust the placement of the base string accordingly. eventually with experience you can tell where the yoyo is just from the feel you got while hopping up.
I have forgotten how I learned the basic hops, but even recently when working on the variations (circular hops, BTB, 1.5 mount hops, inverted hops) I often find that if I miss it s always to the same side of the string.

Yeah, sometimes you need to adjust. But with the right amount of tension you shouldn’t need to move the base string (good name for it!) at all. I do admit to minor adjustments more when I’m playing super-conservative to avoid string burns. But usually the tension just automatically takes care of it.

OMG, you are so right. Thanks a bunch. Aiming it downwards onto the string makes it so much easier to catch onto the string, I am landing most of my Eli Hops now.

Haha! Well… dang… different strokes for different folks! Unless it’s a visualization/mental thing and “aiming it down” is causing the increased tension that ties into what I’m talking about. Maybe we’ve been talking about two sides of the same coin. :wink: