Eli hops


I don’t get how to land it back on the string. Mine goes around my NTH. When I do land it, I have to step forward.



Sounds like you’re not giving the yoyo enough slack when you hop. Try a shorter hop and bringing your hands a little closer together as you hop. When you start off with eli hops it should be more of a push upwards rather than a full force toss.



Be somewhere you’re not afraid to hit the ceiling, then give it a good strong hop and immediately bring your hands together to give slack. You won’t land the trick, but you’ll understand how important the slack is to get the yoyo going up rather than out. (mind you, you’ll be able to let it go “out” eventually also… small steps, smalls steps…)

As it’s coming back down, keep even but loose tension on the length of string between your hands, and then when it’s close to landing, increase the tension more dramatically. This will help the yoyo to be aligned with the string.

Over time, you can (and probably should) put higher tension as it’s coming down, which will make the trick look a lot more precise while also increasing accuracy of landing on the string. But your risk of string burn increases dramatically. :wink: The “just tense enough; let gravity do the work” way means no string burn at all. Which is groovy by me.


2 tips :

-Make small hops at 1st
-While you hops , curl your nth index finger enough just to make a hook so that the string won’t fall off


I’ve always found small hops hard to control. Large hops give you much more wiggle room.


I agree. Going absolutely full extension starts going back towards being tricky again, but a nice generous hop worked best for me.