Help with 5A

can i use a YYJ Darkmagic for 5A and can u guys upload some 5A tutorials

Yes, you can. On the learning section of this website you’ve plenty of 5A tutorials to get you started at :wink:

Good luck

Any 1A yoyo will work fine for 5A. They also have my favorite section if tutorials in the Yoyofactory 5A May tutorials. :wink:

When it comes to starting 5A then make sure to study the counterweight to yo-yo ratio. That is crucial because if it’s off-balance then your tricks won’t go as smooth. A DM is a heavy yo-yo so use a heavier CW. Then head on over the 5A section, 5A may, Yoyoskills 5a Tuts on youtube, or check out basic mounts on Miguel Correa’s youtube: themiggymigs.

7:1 ratio.