good yoyos

can someone tell me some good offstring and counterweight yoyos?

For5A, I’m sure people are gonna say the FHZ. I have one and I’m not a big fan of it. I actually find the Dark Magic to be an okay 5A yoyo but I rarely ever play 5A.

For 5a, use any 1a yoyo you have. Some are made for 5a, but they don’t really help any more than a regular 1a yoyo.

For 4a, you can also use a yoyo you already have. It’ll be tough to start with, but you’ll be that much better when you can do it consistently. Besides, doing that, the Hayabusa, Bigyo, Aquarius, YYF Offstring, Xodus II, and any other 4a made yoyo I’m forgetting will be good. I personally recomment the BigYo for beginning, but any of them will be good.

Also, try searching next time. This topic has been answered before.

For 4A, I HIGHLY recommend the Bigyo: It’s gigantic and the response is excellent. I love mine.

4a a big yo or aquaris and 5a any yoyo that spins good

4A: the bigyo found on this site :D.
5A: to start, and plastic 1A yoyo you have ( could be metal/ bimater, but I think that would be foolhardy).

I just noticed, why is this in the tricks section?

for 5a I recommend the black knight it’s awsome for it.

For 4A ive been using the new pocket change from yoyo factory

& 5A ive heard gung-fu’s are good but good luck finding 1 of those