I can't decide.. :/

I have been wanting a new yoyo for a while now and i have some extra cash so im gonna get one. The only problem i do not know whether i should get a legacy and continue with 1a and go into counter-weight or get a Big Yo and give offstring a whirl. Please help. Thanks guys,
L@z3r 8)

What yoyos do you have? Any 1a yoyo can be used for 5a. I think you should get a bigyo or hayabusa and give 4a a try. Also get some counterweights and continue with 1a and 5a.

All a have right now is a Kickside

Do that… 4A is super win… and 5A is super win… That way you get both… I also reccomend you get some silicone… It should make the Kickside play better…