Help with 19mm response for a Wrath

Ok so I am not used to the 19mm size response as I usually just play One Drop, CLYW and General-Yo. I have a Wrath that has just plain white pads and the binds just are not cutting it for me. Can anyone chime in on what they use for the 19mm size that offer good grip on binds. K-Pads? YYF pads? I have heard great things about the Natural Pad. And Ir Pads?

I play normal Kitty String and find that I have to use a thicker string to get it to bind like I want.

Thanks in advance for the help guys!!

If was you, I would go with IR pads. They have tight binds and are not grippy enough to bite your knuckles.

I’m going to second the IR pads, I recently put em in and I am really liking how they play. I run it with YYSL type X and it is binding perfect.

Thanks guys. Actually the Ir Pads are my first choice… I think just for the heck of it I will get a few sets of a few different brands to try out.

Ok, yellow k pads are also great.

Natural pads are great, and I’m a huge fan of the grippy blue pads from yyf as well.

I was wondering about those! Are they still unresponsive?

So I picked up the Natural, K Pad lime green and Ir Pad’s today. I put the Ir Pad’s in first and presto… Exactly what I was looking for!!! When these wear out I will try one of the others!! Thanks guys!!

Told ya :wink: they work awesome, I bought a bunch and I think thats what I’m putting in everything from now on.

ir pads, or kpads.

the soft ir are super grippy!
but smooth for no bunches!

I bought both but put the Ir Pads in the Wrath… They are normal ones… Work great…

Either or!
i personally prefer more grippyness haha

Yep, totally unresponsive. They require a little break-in, but then they’re great!