Pads to fit Cupcake

I just want some to have on hand, my binds are getting a little slippy, so I want some extras to have around. What size pads will fit the Crucial Cupcake, and what brand/type would you recommended I get? I’ve heard good things about CLYW Aqua Snow Tires, will those work in the Cupcake? Thank you in advance.

I’ve got YYF/YYJ size IrPads in mine at the moment. Nice tight binds without random knuckle busting snags.


ok, thanks! I’ll check out IrPads right now!

Just the standard 19mm will work for the Cupcake, right?

That’s the one. They come in two thicknesses (thin and normal) and three levels of firmness (soft, normal, hard). The thinner pads will be less responsive but not quite as snappy on the binds. Ditto the harder pads (which also last a bit longer than the softer pads) . I find normal/normal pads to work best for me but your preferences may vary.


Thank you very much for the help!

what do you guys think about K Pads??

nevermind, I’m just gonna go with em and hope they’re good for me :wink: