Original sleipnir pads

I have an original sleipnir ( the one with the big ol axle) and one of its pads fell out. It’s too shallow for silicone so what pads would fit into it?

Help is still needed!

You might try ir pads.

He is wondering WHAT size pads fit. Do they still sell yoyos? (the company) If they do contact them, or contact YYE.

I don’t know much about YYR, but I did a little research. I believe you are talking about the 2009 model, which takes size 0.6 mm pads. The newer pads only come in 0.9 mm and 1.1 mm. I only found the 0.6 mm pads on one site, and they were out of stock. I am going to search a little more. Knowing that they are 0.6 mm, you may have better luck finding them. I’ll let you know if I find them anywhere.

So it takes 0.6 mm, good luck finding them ;).

Ratfacedudeguy might have some.

I found them on the yoyorecreation website but should I get soft, normal, hard or super hard? What’s the difference?

Softer pads give it more response, but still unresponsive. Harder pads will reduce the chance of snag, but you must be more careful with binds. I tend to be a bit lazy with my binds, so hard and super hard would not be good for me.

I like soft pads on my yoyos, it depends on your preferences.

thanks im going with the soft then. thanks guys for all the help.

ok so buying through yoyorecreation for 1 pad is going to end up costing me near 13$ which is insane. i found that IR pads make a “2009 yoyorecreation pad” which i am pretty sure is the right size. Can someone verify this? also there is an option for thick pad or thin pad. whats the differece? heres a link:


Irpad has a facebook page, I would just shoot em a message. It looks like a few others have asked and gotten answers really fast.

If they are 0.6 mm pads they will fit, according to Mr. Squirrels research ;D.