HELP! Which yoyo should i get!

i really want a new yo yo. i want one of these 3 but i don’t know which one to get.

-Counter Attack
-Proto Star
-North Star

At the moment, i want a yoyo that is good with grinding and has a very long sleep time.

We need to know your preferences before we can recommend any particular yoyo,
like preferred weight, size, feel, and so on.

Aaah, this one does not need a preference. Chuckflash, I can surely tell you that Protostar and Northstar are one of the worst yoyo’s for grinding. Has a sticky finish on the plastic and it is virtually impossible to stick your thumb in the side.

The thing though, CounterAttack can grind a bit, but still isn’t very good for grinding.
Also, notice: Any yoyo can sleep long as also sleep time isn’t important.

Out of those 3, I’d say CounterAttack fits your preference’s.

But, if I were you, I’d pay $5 more and get a Raptor. You can talk to “Acanvando” or “Preinfalk” about the Raptor.
Dv888 is another choice, but it’s $10 more and most people I’ve met prefer Raptor over Dv888. I personally say they both are the same. Just one bigger, and Dv888 is much smaller than others.

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I don’t own any of them, so you may want to take me for a grain of salt, but I can tell you from experiance that non are going to grind that well. Now you’ll be able to do grinds dont get me wrong, but if you want 8 second finger grinds that is going to proabably require a some sort of finish, unless you know something I don’t. I’m sure all of these yoyos will have enough sleep time to fit your needs. From public opinion, the North star is the newest and made very good impressions. The Proto star did too, but haven’t seen as much talk about them since the Northstar came out. The counter attack itself never made much of a splash. Don’t let this decide your opinion completely, but I’d take it into consideration. Oh, btw, it seems there has been multiple occasion were the NorthStar has had factory defects, so if you really don’t want the hassle of possibly having to send your yoyo back, you may want to take that into consideration.

O.K., this is the main question, do you need it to grind WELL:
If yes, take my advice and go for the Dv888 or Raptor
If no, then I say Protostar.