Best of these yoyos?


Which is best?

YoYo factory grind machine
duncan metal drifter
yoyo factory DV888
Zeekio c-4
YoYojam dark magic II
Shinwoo Zen series
yoyofactory northstar/prostar
Foxland Precision – Kats Meow
duncan raptor
recrev sharp

I’m thinking the DV888 or Zen6?
i want an unresponsive with longish sleep time


foland katz meow is legit man


Northstar or protostar


You need to be more specific, none of these yoyos are better then others, it is just how much he player likes them. You can tell us more about what you look for in a yoyo so that we can help you choose one that we think you will like. But honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them just choose the one that you find the most appealing.


These can all be unresponsive, but sleep time is irrelevant due to the fact that based on your throw, experience, skill you can make any yoyo sleep well so just disregard sleeptime as a deciding factor. Plus the fact that most any modern unresponsive yoyo can handle just about any trick.

So of these I pickDUNCAN RAPTOR but this is my opinion and everyone has their own so… Do you like heavy yoyos or light yoyos? Do you like full sized yoyos or undersized yoyos? Do you like Round butterfly shapes or more H-ish shapes? Slow playing or fast? Thinner or wide? Answer these questions and we can better help you pick the right yoyo for you.


I have a Journey, and I suppose that Is the kind that I like shapewise and for size. I’ve only used 2 or 3, so i don’t really know what difference between slow and fast playing is.


well the raptor, drifter, Grind machine, and sharp are all round a shape like the journey so those could be good.


Best is relative.

I have quite a few of these and each have their own unique traits that are good for them to be in the collection.

What I have from your list:

YoYo factory grind machine
duncan metal drifter
yoyo factory DV888, 2011 version.
YoYojam dark magic II
yoyofactory northstar AND protostar
recrev sharp - Waiting for this to come back.
duncan raptor - Planned future purchase.

I’d gotta say for longest spins, DM2, protostar and northstar. I could get the same kinda spins out of the dv888, but being undersized, it’s a bit harder for me to throw as effectively, but I can get over 2 minutes of spin out of it.

But, I’m tired so let me cut it short(OMG!! Did he say cut it short? Yes, he did, pick yourself up off the floor and keep reading).

I’m predictable. Dark Magic II with the Speed Bearing, then ugprade to a Terrapin X Wing Cut bearing with 100% poly string. That’s my combination. Oh, both caps in. I just like how it looks.

At the same time, you are looking at a big set of very different yoyos, and a lot of them are good. I’d only say avoid the metal drifter and the grind machine for sure. It’s not that I don’t like them, because I don’t, but I think you’ll enjoy some of the others better.

The dv888 has mixed reviews which has ranged from people who love it and people who hate it. It’s clearly not a “one size fits all” throw, but it’s still a great metal for the price. I like mine a lot. I’m sure with more practice I can get that spin time way up. I am using it more and more frequently, but for the shape and size, I prefer the One Drop MarkMont Next.


The Weerd 4xl also has a similar shape but is more expensive, you can’t go wrong with a raptor either.