help| trapeze and a few atoher

help me please
i have the kickside yoyo
and i have a few isuses

  1. breakaway. i cant do it clean like the man who show me. like tbh kinda “chase” a little bit the yoy and somtime a lot a bit…
  2. in man on trapeze i did it once but i relly get a truble to catch it with my finger and it swing into the non-trhow hand and lop it.
    and plus i didint learn the few tricks:
    walk the dog
    gravity pull
    jamican flag
    and pup the clutch is a bit of a tricky for me.
    thanks for any help!

Here are the tricks that you can’t (usually) do with a kickslide
gravity pull
pop the clutch
and I guess you are having problems with getting the yoyo up in breakaway.

Kick slides can be unresponsive to you need to learn how to bind in order to bring the yoyo up, they won’t come back when you just tug it.
I’ll tell you, before you do anything, just work on your throw. Keep throwing until you can get a good stable throw. Then start doing tricks.
By the way the man is called Andre Boulay he is good, you should inspire him . Search him in youtube.

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thank you
i relly have a truble with this two…
plus i have a problem wit the trapeze but its normal?
and i do i practise my trowh?