Help...Smooth Entrance to Wrist Mount


Currently learning the following trick from MrMatio.

Does anyone know why whenever I throw the throw over the back of my throw hand (after you catch in the chopstick style position), the throw constantly snags / binds and smashes the back of my hand?

Is it possible I’m doing something earlier in the trick which is causing too much string to be around the bearing?


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Hey these are some of my favorite wrist mount entrances. The throw hand chop sticks is my favorite entrance I believe is the smoothest.

Hope this helps


Thanks. Hopefully helps with the one I’m learning.

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Keep all the strings taut.

If you’re snagging on this you’re most likely not holding your mount taut enough which is letting string clump up and snag in the gap. Notice how when Matio swings the yoyo from the trapeze into the chopsticks he immediately spreads his hands apart again to keep the entire formation taut, so excess string doesn’t start to clump up in the gap.


Yeah what Mable said. Also make sure you’re going over nth before you go over Th. I didn’t see that step in your description. Kinda hard to say without seeing a video but it doesn’t feel that snaggy to me even when I do it sloppy so one of the steps is mostly likely not right. Here’s the trick

Thanks. Definitely following it correctly up until that point, so suspect I’m not keeping it taught.

Back of my hand needs me to get it right soon, so sore and swollen :joy::joy:

Quick update!

Thanks for all the help, nailed this one now.