Help Save The South African Polar Bears! (Official SAPBA thread)

The is the official SAPBA (South African Polar Bear Association) thread. Post questions and thoughts regarding this great animal.

Really a shame what those north polians did.

Oh yes, I really should make a point of sharing that right away.

One of the leading causes (though not the largest) of the near extinction of the South African Polar Bear is that there are several myths created by the Arctic Polar Bears- which aren’t true polar bears anyways. They create these myths to help spread the word of themselves, and distract the world and its interests from the true, South African Polar Bear. For example, one of these is the myth that the word “Polar” in “Polar Bear” means they live on the poles- this is again manufactured solely by the arctic polar bears to drive the African ones out of existence. This word actually means nothing in the phrase “Polar Bear.” Remember, there is quite an extensive list; feel free to ask more about this issue and others in this thread. Our organization exists to free these up, and put the worlds attention on what really matters.

Where can I help?
Do you accept PayPal? :wink:

I didn’t know polar bears lived in such a warm climate…

Sure. They were instrumental in developing whole house A/C.

Yes, this is one of the common misconceptions- you have to remember, the Arctic Polar Bear can be very crafty. You have to watch out for them carefully. You can never take anything Polar Bear related for granted anymore, as you never know what they are up to.

jhb8426 is right-

As of now, there are virtually no places who have donations for the South African Polar Bear, as there are almost no current research projects. This is the main reason for the founding of our organization- to help get more attention directed to them, so we can start collecting money for them. The best way to help is simply to spread information, and dispute any misconceptions and myths that have popped up over the years.

Oh Yoyofoot, you never cease to amuse us!

Thanks. I’ll do whatever I can.
Much appreciated.

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I don’t think the loss of a great species is amusing… :’(

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For those who thought they don’t exsist.

And I guess you can give money to the zoo if you wanna help them…lol


NOTE TO EVERYONE- this is not factual information. This is a very real attempt by the Arctic Polar Bear to begin their takeover- they believe they still have the edge in this battle, and for the moment they do. Everybody, please, do not buy into this. We can stop them together. The South African Polar Bear is not over four feet tall, as an example of their true appearance.

Their Flag.

This is their current president on vacation- this is why he’s on the flag. He takes the same posture for every picture we take of him.

There have been a number of strange genetic adaptions to polar bears living in South Africa.

As their diet is mainly seal based in the Arctic, in the sunny clime of South Africa the preferred diet of seal is not available. Because of the lack of fat / blubber in their diet, South African Polar Bears have slowly shrunk through the generations.

They have also adopted a number of peculiar traits not found in their North Pole dwelling cousins - sharper ears, longer tale, and the curious ability to play yoyo.

Pictured below is a specimen of the South African Polar Bear, filmed in Johannesburg, demonstrating the “Forward Pass” maneuver:

I feel as if you might be mistaken- that animal doesn’t look near four feet tall.

The northern poor bears aren’t real polar bears? The arctic polar bears created myths to save themselves? You’re funny.
You greenies are all the same; paranoid and susceptible. Try reading between the lines and think for yourself.

TL;DR not convinced.

What are you talking about? There’s a picture of one right here.

That one looks bigger then four feet! the feet prints in front of him suggest hes like 5 1/2 feet or 6. Maybe you have been sent by the polar bears to confuse us. INFILTRATOR!!!