Norway in first world problems!!!

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This is just so pathetic. There are a ton of middle-aged housewives freaking out because they can’t bake for Christmas, I know of some students who have been selling half-empty packets of butter over the internet for ridiculous amounts of money.

EDIT: Wanting to point out that while this is insanely hilarious, we do actually have a butter-shortage.


Paula Dean would have a rough time in Norway!


If Paula Dean was there, there wouldn’t even BE a butter shortage!


That is a funny video.

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More news, some desperate people have resolved to buying cream and overwhipping it into butter.


Haha… In the meantime (in South Africa), I have 4 friends who have had someone break into their house or steal their car in the last two weeks. The one was particularly bad and ended in a shoot out (one of the robbers was killed). Of course, the problems here are so massive, this wouldn’t even get close to making a local newspaper.


Jeez that is pretty bad stuff.

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See this is the problem, our butter-shortage reaches worldwide while there are places where actual bad stuff happens.