12-hour TV-special about firewood? Yes please!

How this got to international media I don’t know, but it did:

This is not a joke. This thing did air on license-paid TV, which basically takes a yearly fee from anyone owning a TV-receiver or a radio. For me, it’s the only way to experience TV without ads and terrible reality-shows.

The English version of the book is on its way I think.

Fun-fact: the same TV-station has done several other “minute-by-minute” marathons. Two about some long train-lines, but most remarkably the one about “Hurtigruta”, a week-long cruise along the Norwegian coast (Yes, multi-camera streaming and other content from a boat for 5 whole days. 134 hours). To my knowledge, that specific marathon was also broadcast on subways in South Korea. The recordings from the camera pointing forward is released under a creative commons-license and should be availiable for download somewhere (if you happen to be interested)

I don’t get bored easily and I’d dig my eyes out half way through THAT.