And you thought the Narwhal was a fraud!

I already knew they where real but no on else does

I’m not sure what this thread means…

…It’s a well known fact that Narwhals exists

Yeah, as far as I know, there was no doubt there… What is this thread even…?

Some people didn’t believe it.

I thought you were talking about the CLYW throw…

wrong section, bro. should go in the “unnecessary discussion” sub forum.

Sorry bro, toss it in with 90% of the other things posted here ::slight_smile:

There is a TEDtalks about a guy who goes to the arctic and he gets some great pictures of Narwhals

Yeah, some time ago I looked up a bunch of info/videos on Narhwals because of the CLYW yoyo. Haha, truly fascinating creatures.

I found this out recently while looking up an oryx for science.

Mola-molas are so much better.