so i moved

and its cold here… maybe i should go back to michigan

Snow is the best! Just wait.

So you’re saying Michigan isn’t cold?

It isn’t that bad, the past few winters have been pleasant.

update: my igloo is starting to melt, i’ll be offline till i find a better place to build and at least 3 bars of wifi. who knew my laptop would have wifi out here.

Of course you do. There is a little town in Antarctica, including a bar.

sorry guys a polar bear was chasing me and igloos dont rebuild themselves.

i met one of the other throwers from Antarctica here though, its pretty neat.

Your Actualy in antartica??? or are you just joking

i think your joking ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

No, he is serious…

Are you on a scientific mission style stay for research? Or you just an introvert that loves penguins more the. People that don’t yoyo? lol be safe and don’t get eaten by the polar bears (wait I thought the island was warm? Have you met Ben yet? What about jack, Hugo, sayid, sawyer, Kate, Jin or Sun? I hear they are all awesome well except Ben he is a bad dude!).

No man, it’s Sayid who scares me. And Sawer, depending on what season you’re on.

Ben is my favorite character! Hes all messed up and misunderstood. Actually Ben, Charlie, and Hurley are my favorite characters.

Charlie… . . . :sob:

Seeya in another life, brotha.

The I in the title really bugs me…Please fix it…

I love the cold

I hate the heat :stuck_out_tongue: