New idea?

So I had an idea earlier of a piece of equipment that would be very useful and unique, but I have no idea how I would go about producing it? What steps would I have to take in order to maybe even manufacture on a small scale?

Well if you could give me more of a idea i could design it with 3d modeling and print it. Tell me what your thinking of in a pm.

Building on that, I would talk to someone who makes and sells that kind of that kind of thing. They have some experience and can probably help.

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So, you have this idea for a thing that does something.


First do a prototype to see what parts are needed and how it works then after that bring it to a manufacture that might want to produce it. But you might want to patent it first so no one steals your idea.

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This thread would fit nicely in the unrelated discussion board. For one thing, that equipment could be for anything, not just yoyoing, so it would make a good guide for anyone who is looking towards designing any kind of equipment.

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