Help Rogue's Grind (Name still pending). How to reproduce it?

So, I did this on accident. I was trying to do something like a arm wrap but its forwards. Ok. So you breakaway or sleeper and swing the yoyo behind you. The string hits the shoulder and the yoyo lands on your wrist and grinds there. Then you use the bottom string from the arm wrap and pop the yoyo onto it. At this point it looks like a trapeze with your arm instead or your fingers. Then pop out and bind. What should I call it? And I only did it once. :’( I want to redo it because its cool and im thinking it should be my signature.

Shoulder Pop?

If you have a name for it, why think of another one?

What do you mean? He’s not making a new one, hes trying to repeat what he did.

Keep it with Rogues Grind, its a cool name!