Im trying to get the silicone response out of my BvM. It shredding to pieces and is stuck inside the groove in little pieces only coming out in small chunks. Can any one help me?

Do you know what kind of response it is? Use a screwdriver and pry off the chunks.

Yea I was trying to to scratch it at all. I ended up using a pick on the end of a comb. Then used some q tips to rubs off any more small pieces. There is still a little bit in the corners on the groove, is that ok to silicone over? Its very minimal.

And im pretty sure it was flowable. It was in a BvM I am pretty sure it was the original response.

Use a tooth pick on the rest. It should come out.

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yeah wooden tooth pick works good. for the corners just use it, for the rest break the toothpick and use the flat end. works like a little rigid toothbrush. :slight_smile:

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A little bit of chunks in the groove won’t be a problem if you pour new flowable silicone on top.


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Awesome thanks for all the advice. I think it must have been something other than flowable, cause the silicone in my albatross came right out like in the videos.

Most Flowable does, It might have been hard drying silicone. Or it could have been old and hardened?

It was probably both. Either way, all is well now. Snotted three throws, all came out great. Gonna do about 4 more.