Help Please.


Ok so my summit had a really smooth finish, then i left for a week, came back and it was “sticky” even after a few days of use it still feels sticky and wont grind for more than a second. I dont know how this happened, but is there any way i can fix it?


You sure it’s not just more humid or something? Have you tried cleaning it with water or anything?

Sorry if this sounds unhelpful.


No I don’t thinks it’s cause of humidity. I haven’t tried washing it or anything, but with clean dry hands it feels resistant. I’m thinking it might be my hands cause they feel like oily or something. That’s probably it.


Ok I washed my hands with dish soap and it’s somewhat better now. Should I try washing it in water?


Can’t that like ruin the throw? I wouldn’t do it if it’s not too annoying


Idk but I’m just going to live with it.


Cool, if I had to guess, I would say that it was left out in the sun, as in sun light came through a window, and it got it sticky or somethin


Wipe it with a rag… You could try slightly dampening the rag too…



Sun light isn’t going to make anodized aluminum sticky. And water shouldn’t hurt it either just keep it off the bearing/response.


Just wipe down the yoyo with a MicroFiber cloth.