Help Please

I just started yoyoing, and i tried to do a sleeper. But my yoyo always comes back up. And when i do get it to stay down it starts spinning. Help Please!

what yoyo are you using?

and thats what you want to happen

I think they mean that it spins out.

Well if the yoyo you are using is an Imperial, your problem is string tension. Let the yoyo hang at the bottom of the string, and run your fingers down the length of the string, this will cause the yoyo to spin. You may notice a change in length or feel of the string, this is normal.

If you’re really serious about yoyoing, you may wish to invest in a cheap YoYoJam yoyo, such as the Kickside

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Hey man, thanks. You helped me get my first walk the dog!

No problem! Here to help.

I agree with Q. Get a Kickside. They’re like 15 dollars.

I would get a lyn fury or kick side

Let’s not start this into a Lyn Fury or Kickside thing. I hate those threads.

What are you talking about?

I explain everything about the Kickside here. If someone can do the same with Lyn then feel free. I will once I get one.

Fav. Trick: Pop The Clutch

why do you write what?

Why exactly does it matter?

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