I am getting silicone but the only silicone there is in the retail store is:
Permatex Black RTV Silicone
Permatex Red Hi-Temp RTV Silicone
Permatex Windowshield Sealant Silicone
Permatex Blue RTV Silicone

Which one would be the best and wich ones can be used best on a yoyo?

im not sure, but heres a tip…
…get a small tip tube. its easier to keep out of the bearing seat.

I think they all the same, never try blue though, but i dont like black.
i like the red one, only because of the colour.

red or windshield i prefer windshield thats what comes stock with clyw and many more brands, have fun and good luck

all are good except black and nothings wrong wih blue its just a lil harder to clean up. but blue lasts forever

The hi-temp red is used by a lot of people with good results.

Just saying… anyone tried plumber’s goop?