Permatex High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket Maker review

I bought it at a hardware store, this one cost me $4.50. It comes with a nozzle but I used a syringe instead. On the top of the cap it has a spike so that the user can open the tube easily. I opened the syringe and started pouring the silicone. I thought it would be a vibrant reddish orange, but its and opaque brownish red. When I star poured it, and I star concaving it with the card it feels like any other RTV silicone. Something that is easier with this silicone is cleaning the left overs in the the bearing seat and the yoyo, because its red and you can see the left overs clearly. When it finally cures for the 24 hours. I play the yoyo, it unresponsive, the binds are nice and tight.

Overall its a really good product, does the job really well. I don’t know how durable, when I play more with it I write about its durability.

It’s good and durable, but I prefer the Red Loctite, mostly because it doesn’t die my strings red.

Looks nice is that a Lynn Furry?


I use that a lot. I also use the copper, and the black. I think the red is the best though.

Oh and loctite just buys their silicone from the same manufacturer as permatex. Same stuff.

What’s with the pokemon card? ???

i think it was used to clean up the leftover sili. btw they make great shims

I used the card to give the concave shape to the silicone so I dont have to weight till it brakes in.

Pokemon card shims are the best homemade shims.

I use vital technology silicon.