HELLO!!! I have to do a informative speech about something i love and i CHOOSE yoyo’s!!! So for this speech i have to give a statistic percentage or number. Like “this (percentage) of people in the world plays yoyo professionally” or “Only about (%) of people plays with yoyos from the age of 5-13.” Something like that, and as i am doing research I CANT FIND ANY STATISTIC!!! So i need your guys help!!! plz tell me something good. well it doesnt have to be good but it has to be at least somewhat true you know?!

PS im still doing research and i cant find ****!

the percentage of the world that plays yoyo professionally is probably 0.0001%…

i think 0.0001% would be a lot compared to what it actually is :smiley:

I have no idea of any valid resources. Although there was a film called World on a string, and it had some awesome information about yoyos, well hope I helped!

More like, 0.0000001 % of the world yoyos professionally. That is also a huge maybe…

I think you’re trying to research data that hasn’t been compiled.

OK, let’s say at BAC, there were 1000 people there.

Most are just regular people like me. No, I don’t mean middle aged and balding. I mean, those who enjoy the yoyo and are NOT sponsored.

You have a very small number of bankable name people: JD, Andre, Paul(he goes by that now), Mark McBride, Alex with RecRev(ran a booth), Chris from CLYW. Makers, movers and shakers. Those who were judging. What number shall I assign to this? 20?


Another group: sponsored players: Let’s say 100 of them. 10%.

However, we know most people can’t go to most contests. Numbers? Unknown.

Number of sponsored players changes frequently, but if you contact all the companies, they can give you how many players they sponsor. You can total that up and figure out an estimated percentage based on calculated world population. You could even extrapolate numbers of players based on some sort of ratio. Ask the companies what ratio they feel exists for sponsored player to regular players. Is it 100:1, is it 1000:1? Is it something else?

The issue is that the amount of people who yoyo is insignificantly small. The number of “pros” is a small percentage of that. The numbers that TRY yoyo is probably actually quite large though.

Break it into 3 bodies:

-Origins of the yoyo
-The 1960’s yoyo boom
-Where it is now (with maybe a clip)

I believe you are focusing on “facts” about a subject that has very few “facts”. What you are looking for in this case, is market research on yo-yo’s. If you find it, please forward it to me. All of the research I have seen on yo-yo’s refer to them as “toys”. I do not think that research is relevant.

Instead, I would focus in on the technology. What is the technology that most people associate with yo-yo’s? Most people think of a wooden-axle yoyo c. 1940. Tell them about Dr. Kuhn. Today’s reality is quite different. Do you have multimedia at your disposal? If so, some clips of old contest winners from the 50’s vs. Marcus Koh slinging his Sleipnir in 2010 should illustrate the advances in technology and the associated advances in the types of tricks we do today. Then, there is the new “big business” aspect of yo-yo’s combined with the more International demographic, and you should have no problems filling your time.

Thank you for helping me out so far! At this moment my speech is doing alright. Unfortunately, the speech has to be all verbal, so no clips allowed of any kind. This is a hard topic to cover, but i believe i shall make this happen. I am taking account of all your replies and putting my somewhat complete speech together.

you could get % of your state involved in your state contest. Just count up the numbers from the state contest results, and divide by state population. its going to be a crazy small percentage, but that would be easy to do and should fit your requirements.